Here are our finished and 'in progress' Hanarete's:


(Almost all are temorary pictures)

Kikky Kanako

Kikky is the second finished Hanareteloid and got her voice from Jenny. She's 13 years old and has a German accent, because Jenny is German. Her voicerange is 'G4 - G2'. Her birthday is 10th October. She likes singing, drawing and dancing, but hates Hate and when she mispronounces something. Kikky is a kind little girl, that likes to play with friends and sing with DAISY. She has quite a lot friends and a 'soft' voice. She can be angry very fast. Her trademark is the '07 UTAU'. She has a crush on Rinto Kagamine (Pitchloid).




In the picture Kikky is wearing her IYDD dress.


Release Date: -18th March 2016-


Voiceexample: -Soundcloud-



Maro Kima

Maro is the third finished Hanareteloid and the youngest. Most information about her is unknown. She's like 9 years and got her voice from Jenny. Her voice range is unknown for now, because she isn't completely finished yet. Her birthday is at the 7th June. She's Kikky's younger cousin and '08 UTAU' under her right eye like Kikky.




In the picture Maro is wearing her normal outfit.


Release Date: -To Be Released-




Toku Hashita

Toku loves to hang out with her friends. She's a bit of a tsundere, but more with a cheerful kuudere. she often goes to places in Tokyo, like an arcade. She never really thought that she would be a singer, like the VOCALOID and UTAUloid stars. She loves speaking in English, and prefers speaking it over her mother tongue, Filipino, which she hates using. Toku loves to sing even though she doesn't like her voice.




In the picture Toku is wearing her normal outfit.


Release Date: -To Be Released-



Art and Model by WitchGaming144